When showing a property to an out-of-state client via video call, a real estate agent from Billings, Montana, experienced the shock of her life.

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Alyssa Webb told NBC affiliate KULR-TV, “I have never encountered anything like this.”

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“It was really terrifying to know someone was there the entire time I was in that house and they didn’t try to leave or announce their presence and they were just hiding,” she said. “I didn’t know what they were capable of, if they had weapon, if they might have attacked me.”

For landlords, intruders are just one potential problem they might have to deal with when renting out property. To be successful requires finding reliable tenants, collecting rent and handling maintenance and repair requests out of pocket — it can be a very hands-on role.

If Webb’s ordeal makes your spine shiver and the trials and tribulations of being a landlord don’t appeal to you, here’s three ways you can invest in real estate without all the hassle.