Could the Dutton ranch close permanently? According to fresh reports, Taylor Sheridan’s popular Western series, which serves as the cornerstone of Paramount’s TV and streaming ambitions, and Yellowstone star Kevin Costner’s relationship, may be about to end.

The Dances With Wolves star won’t be joining the show after the current fifth season, according to sources speaking to Entertainment Tonight. In the meantime, Yellowstone will come to an end after the remaining episodes of Season 5 are finished, according to a previous April report from the New York Post.

Given the studio’s investment in Sheridan’s ever-expanding universe — not to mention the huge ratings for both the main series and its Paramount+ spinoffs 1883 and 1923 — there’s little chance of Yellowstone going away entirely, even if Costner heads off for greener pastures. But the face of the franchise might look a little different going forward. Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening behind the scenes.

Prior to Yellowstone’s launch in 2018, Costner had largely phased out of a decades-spanning “leading man” era that included such major motion pictures as Bull Durham, Dances With Wolves and Waterworld. Instead, the Oscar-winning actor and director was largely taking supporting roles in everything from Man of Steel to Hidden Figures. Like many movie stars of his generation — think Jessica Lange on American Horror Story and Jeff Daniels on The Newsroom — Costner pivoted to television in search of meaty star turns. And he’s certainly front and center in Yellowstone as John Dutton III, the ranch owner that’s been fending off challenges to his throne for five seasons now.