Nicole Kidman has looked back and realized that she, perhaps, was too young when she married Tom Cruise back in 1990.

“She was very young when I got married. You look at Taylor Swift and, I mean, how old is she? She is 26. I already had two children at 27 and she had been married for four years. But that was what she wanted, ”she says in an interview with Red magazine on the occasion of promoting her latest film, Lion.


Nicole Kidman regrets her wedding to Tom Cruise


Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise met on the set of Days of Thunder (1990). A few months later, on December 25, 1990, they were secretly married in a ceremony that took place in the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado.

The children were not long in coming and in 1992 they adopted Isabella Jane and in 1994 Anthony Connor.

In 2001, the couple, who until then had been the Brangelina of the time, announced their breakup. The reason? According to numerous American tabloids, everything ended because of Tom Cruise’s efforts to raise his children in the beliefs of the Churches of Scientology. Something with which Kidman, a confessed Catholic, did not agree.

Later, in 2006, Nicole married Keith Urban, who is her current partner and father of her biological daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.