The Mexican dedicated the recognition to her followers who have given her value throughout her artistic career.

Salma Hayek, one of the most important Latino figures in Hollywood, unveiled her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles on Friday, accompanied by actor Adam Sandler, filmmaker Chloe Zhao, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. who is a close friend of the Mexican?

Hayek’s star, which was dedicated to the fans who gave him “courage” to follow his dreams and succeed in American cinema, is located very close to the Chinese Theatre, an emblematic cinema on Hollywood Boulevard, which was attended by many fans actress’s Hispanics to watch the ceremony.


Salma Hayek unveils her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


With an elegant black dress with a wide skirt, a deep neckline, and silver trim at the top, Hayek said that it was a day of immense joy for her, but also of “healing” for a “terrifying” episode from her past.

The actress explained that, about two years after settling in the United States, she was attacked with a knife by a man who approached her and a couple of friends on Hollywood Boulevard. Although they fled as best they could, she assured them that no one helped them until two people managed to subdue the attacker.

“Why am I telling you this story? Because every time I think of Hollywood Boulevard that’s what I remember. And the truth is that that night when I went home I said to myself: ‘What am I doing here? Nobody wants me to be here. They almost killed me today,’” she said.

“I remember that once I went to the movies and someone hit me on the back of my seat and said: ‘Mexican, don’t sit in front of me. Go back to your country. I remember another time I was lining up at a coffee shop and someone grabbed my arm, pulled me out of line, and said, ‘I’m not going to line up behind a Mexican,’” she explained.

Hayek also confessed that the studios believed that she would never have a real chance in that country and therefore suggested that she return to Mexico to make soap operas. “But I stayed here,” she stated.

“I want to say to everyone here, my dear fans, that it was you who gave me the courage to stay. Although they didn’t know me in the Hollywood studios, all the Latinos in the United States knew who she was, they understood that she had come with dreams like them. These fans have been with me for 37 years. In hard times, they gave me courage, ”she added.

On the other hand, the actress pointed out that all people are made of “stardust”. “So when you all see my star here, I want you to know that since you are all in my heart, some of our stardust is here on this site. You are also part of this star ”, she finished.


Salma Hayek unveils her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Oscar nominee for best actress for Frida (2002) and who will premiere the Ridley Scott film House of Gucci next week, received praise from her friends today at the ceremony.

Adam Sandler assured that Hayek is “one of the best actresses of our generation” and praised above all the friendship that unites them since they worked together. In a speech with off-color humor, Sandler apologized for not being as dressy as Hayek, as he turned up to the event in a very casual style.

The actor became more serious to close his intervention and said that Hayek is “an incredible person with his feet on the ground.” For her part, Chloe Zhao compared Hayek to her Eternals character ‘Ajak,’ who is “a leader, a mother, and a healer. Salma is a person of incredible talent, depth, and compassion. She is a woman brave enough to open her own path, ”she defended the double Oscar winner for Nomadland (2020).

Finally, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, praised the Mexican in Spanish. “Salma is an angel in the city of Los Angeles. She is a representation of our dreams, our stories, and our hope,” she assured.