After being stranded for at least 24 hours on an immigration route that Organizations have warned is dangerous, a boat carrying about 400 migrants is floating in the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Malta and is in risk of capsizing.

In a tweet on Sunday, the humanitarian organization Alarm Phone said that it had received a call from the boat that had left Tobruk, Libya, over the previous night. It added that it had informed the authorities of the situation, but that no rescue operation had yet been declared.

According to Alarm Phone, there are many passengers who need medical assistance, including a youngster, a pregnant woman, and a disabled individual. According to guests, one person who was asleep aboard the boat may have leaped overboard in a fit of rage.Seen on Monday, a boat carrying roughly 400 migrants is trapped in the Mediterranean Sea on a dangerous route that aid organizations have warned about.

Tens of thousands of migrants brave the perilous trip each year in pursuit of better economic possibilities as they avoid war, persecution, and poverty. They can become stranded while traveling in inadequate inflatable boats and cause serious diplomatic disputes amongst European nations in the area. The UN refugee agency’s most recent statistics show that in 2022, 105,131 individuals entered Italy over the Mediterranean. The same information revealed 1,368 dead or missing. At least 28 migrants perished in March when their boats capsized while attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Italy.