Republic of Ireland In Northern Ireland, where he claimed that peace had “healed by peace” in the decades after the Good Friday Agreement put an end to sectarian violence, President Biden took a diplomatic risk on Wednesday.

In a brief speech at Ulster University, Mr. Biden said, “Your story is our story, but more importantly, your future is America’s future,” marking his final public appearance in Belfast before traveling to the Republic of Ireland to celebrate and learn more about his Irish family. He emphasized that Northern Ireland was prepared to continue gaining from economic progress, saying that “peace and economic opportunity go together.”

The president and his staff mainly tried to steer clear of difficult issues during his brief stay in Belfast, which was a flurry before three days of outings with the Biden family the legislature in Northern Ireland had stalled out as a result of Post-Brexit trade concerns when the Democratic Unionist Party withdrew. He had earlier in the day told reporters that he would “listen” to quick conversations with the heads of the region’s five major political parties. Prior to the address, Mr. Biden had a meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

However, Mr. Biden urged the government to get over its differences and function as “an effective, devolved government that reflects and is accountable to the people of Northern Ireland” in his remarks in Ulster, adding: “This is a decision you have to meet, I don’t, but I hope it happens.”

The President’s visit takes place in the midst of a wave of political violence that has increased Belfast Police’s alertness, but before the visit John Kirby, a White House spokesman, downplayed concerns about Mr Biden’s safety in Belfast.