An American Airlines flight experienced an engine fire right after takeoff, but the potentially fatal situation was avoided.

The plane took off from Columbus Airport in Ohio and was headed for Phoenix, Arizona. After the aircraft struck a flock of geese in the air, it was then forced to make an emergency landing.

After 25 minutes in the air, the Boeing 737 caught fire, but the damage was not too bad for the pilot to be able to land the plane back at Columbus.

In a dramatic video on social media from the ground, the Phoenix-bound flight 1958 is seen returning to John Glenn International Airport as flames and smoke are seen billowing from the right engine. The plane landed safely and no injuries were reported, the New York Post reported.

Passengers heard a loud metallic noise
A passenger aboard the plane told NBC 4 that he and others aboard the flight heard a loud metallic noise on the plane, and a pilot allegedly told them they had hit a flock of geese shortly after takeoff.