1. The infamous Chanel suit

The day John F. Kennedy was assassinated, November 22, 1963, Jackie was wearing a pink Chanel ensemble. It is considered a piece of history, as Jackie refused to change when her outfit was stained with her husband’s blood after her murder. According to some accounts, when she was offered a clean change of clothes, she refused, saying, “I want them to see what they did to Jack.”


10 Historic Looks of the First Lady Jackie Kennedy


2. Their first wedding

A week and a half before Jaqueline Bouvier walked down the aisle to become a Kennedy, her original wedding dress was destroyed when the Madison Avenue studio that held it was flooded.

Jaqueline’s mother turned to then-unknown designer Ann Lowe to make a new dress for her wedding on September 12, 1953. Lowe made the dress for just $500, and for years she was not credited for it. his creation.

3. Their second wedding

15 years after her first marriage, Jackie married Aristotle Onassis, a wealthy Greek businessman. The ceremony took place on a private island and for the occasion, the bride wore an untraditional dress by designer Valentino, with a high neckline and long sleeves.

4. Her arrival at the White House

During the John F. Kennedy Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 1961, Jackie wore a Cassini-designed wool ensemble. Jaqueline Kennedy wore a distinctive hat and elbow-length gloves, two accessories that would become fashionable during the 1960s.

5. A grand entrance

10 Historic Looks of the First Lady Jackie Kennedy

After the presidential inauguration, Jaqueline Kennedy dazzled everyone by changing into a ball gown for the inaugural waltz in Washington D.C. Jackie wore a cape over her dress, which was designed by Ether Frankau, based on suggestions and sketches made by the former First Lady.

6. The most famous red dress on television

On Valentine’s Day in 1962, CBS broadcast a tour of the White House, hosted by Jackie Kennedy. The purpose was to show the restoration and renovation of the building, but the public eye focused on the red two-piece suit worn by the then First Lady, a creation of the house Chez Ninon. Although the broadcast was done in black and white, Jackie’s style shined onscreen.

7. She took elegance everywhere

During a cruise on Lake Pichola, India, in 1962, Jackie Kennedy wore this peach silk dress. The look had been a Cassini creation and was adorned with the already characteristic white gloves and a pearl necklace that highlighted the elegance of this woman.

8. Very Mexican

On June 30, 1962, Jackie visited Mexico as part of an official trip. During her stay, she gave a famous speech in Spanish during a meal honoring former President Adolfo López Mateos. For the occasion, she chose to combine a dress and a pink hat.

9. The most elegant widow in history

10 Historic Looks of the First Lady Jackie Kennedy

For the funeral of her first husband, Jackie brought her inseparable companion: Valentino. The images of the First Lady wearing a mourning outfit by the well-known designer traveled the entire world.

10. Away from the pressure

Already in the later stage of her to the White House, Jackie abandoned the long gloves and replaced them with huge glasses that hid her face from the public. It was during this time that she suffered the worst harassment from the paparazzi, but she remained, as always, impeccable.