Let’s just say that quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the New York Jets was aware of Zach Wilson’s recent viral remarks.

Aaron Rodgers is now a member of the New York Jets after a 40-day wait. He declared his intention to join the Jets, and the Green Bay Packers and the Jets began drawn-out trade talks that seemed to be going nowhere.

However, Rodgers is now the Jets’ quarterback and will try to lead the team to its second Super Bowl victory after the team traded a number of draft picks for him.

Zach Wilson, the Jets’ quarterback and second-round pick in 2021, made a comment earlier this year about the possibility of the team hiring a seasoned pro to serve as their head coach in 2023. Wilson declared, “I’ll make some.

Aaron Rodgers seemingly aware of Zach Wilson’s viral comments
Let’s be real here, there is not going to be a competition this offseason. Rather, it will be Rodgers taking over the reins as the Jets’ QB1.

There is no bad blood between the two, as they do have a relationship with one another. Wilson idolized Rodgers when preparing to be an NFL quarterback. The two met with one another before the 2021 NFL Draft and then when the Jets and Packers held joint training camp practices.