You are not worthy! The Jamaican minister asked Harry to speak to the Jamaican Prime Minister, but he refused

Harry and Megan Marley, the widow of legendary singer Bob Marley, were invited to speak at the Jamaica Premiere of One Love, a film about the Ray gang icon.

However, Rita Marley denied their request, stating that they had no right to speak for her husband or his estate.

Marley, who oversaw production on the biopic, was upset when they showed up uninvited and wanted to speak at the event.

Marley’s revelation was confirmed by leaked online body cam footage showing Harry and Megan talking to Rita Marley and asking her to let them speak.

She told them they had nothing to do speaking about the premiere because they were not invited by her or other film producers. She accused them of disrespecting Bob Marley’s life message and impact and asked them to stay away from her and her family.

The incident exposed Harry and Megan’s desperation and delusion as they continue to seek attention and validation from the public.

They faced criticism on social media for their rude and arrogant behavior. Some users criticized them for not knowing what Bob Marley stands for or what he means to fans, while others criticized them for not respecting Bob Marley or the movie.

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