You are not a VIP! Guest post clip of Meg screaming after organizer kicks Sussex in 8th place at film event

Prince Harry and Megan Marle, the dynamic duo, have revealed the shocking truth behind their glamorous world.

The video reveals their true nature as a spotlight-hungry diva who can’t stand anything less than VIP status.

Megan, who claims to be the epitome of Grace and Poise, is seen as a master manipulator pulling the strings while Harry follows along like a lost puppy.

Megan rages Harry, who blesses his Foolish Heart to quickly escape, leaving his Leading Lady to fend for herself.

The duo’s supposed love affair with Jamaica is nothing more than a facade. The curtain has been lifted, and the truth about Harry’s hideous plot against the royal family is finally revealed as the CIT role.

The real victims in the story were manipulated and deceived by the two conspirators. It’s time to demand accountability from those who think they are above reproach.

In the meantime, remember the truth beneath the glamour and glamour and demand that their reign of manipulation be ended once and for all.

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