The Defend the Block podcast by Michigan basketball play-by-play man Brian Boesch is a must-listen to. He has chatted with everyone of the newbies arriving over the past three weeks. It was Tarris Reed’s time on Tuesday to discuss his professional background, talents, and flaws, as well as his decision to attend Michigan.

I wanted to go a different school at the time, so I wasn’t sure if my choice was the best one, said Reed. “Making that choice was challenging. But now that I’ve thought about it, I see I should have listed the advantages and disadvantages. Which long-term, coaching school is ideal for me? It had been Michigan. I’m pleased with my choice.

It’s a lot of pleasure playing for Coach Howard and just practicing every day.

He responded, “I would say wonderful employees, great culture, and great facility,” when asked about the positive side of the pros and cons list. I’m taking lessons from one of college basketball’s top players when I first arrive. At training, I get to play with him and compete against him. It will benefit me.

Reed’s associations with numerous Big Ten universities, such as Michigan State, Ohio State, and Purdue, were taken up by Michigan. The 6-foot-10 Missouri freshman admitted that she never went looking for colleges that were mostly in the Big Ten. He became aware that his talents needed to be appropriate for Big Ten basketball as his recruitment process advanced.

Reed also spoke about his college acclimatization so far, particularly in regards to big men needed for shooting.

“Shooting is a big deal, but you have to be pretty active defensively,” Reed said. “Speaking to Sandman (strength and conditioning coach Jon Sanderson) the other day, being able to pick and roll off defensively, take out a one, two and guard a wing, not only be aggressive on offense but defensively as well. That’s one thing I feel like I’m really good at, especially ball covers.”

Finally, Reed spoke about how he likes to relax and get away from basketball. He highlighted his love of reading and mentioned that he plays the saxophone. He even played the saxophone for his grandma during the pandemic.

Reed’s infectious personality certainly shone during the interview, and he looks likely to become a fan favorite in Ann Arbor.