The Americans who survived a brutal kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel at gunpoint have spoken up about the terrifying experience. They have described how their kidnappers sought to steal them so they could force sex on others while wearing terrifying red “Diablo” masks and holding guns to their heads.

LaTavia Washington McGee and Eric Williams recounted their astounding tale of survival more than a month after the brutal attack in broad daylight and opened out about the pain of losing their friends Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown.On March 3, while en route to a medical procedure in the lawless border town of Matamoros, the four friends were ambushed and abducted.

Washington McGee had been advised by relatives to get a belly tuck.

Before being rescued a few days later on March 7, the two survivors claimed CNN they were carried blindfolded to several locations by cartel men wearing devil masks.

Williams claimed that at one point, her kidnappers “were trying to get us to have sex with each other”; however, the pair informed them that they were brother and sister.

Whether the two are genuinely connected is unknown.

They questioned, ‘What are you all?’” They said, “Have sex with each other,” when we claimed we were brothers and sisters. said Washington McGee. “I reasoned, ‘No, these are my’