Without a doubt, getting to try the newest advancements in beauty is the finest part of being a beauty editor. Many times weeks or even months prior to a product’s official debut date, beauty journalists are among the (very lucky) first to test out new launches. Every time a package arrives at the Who What Wear UK offices, whether it contains the most cutting-edge high-tech skincare, the best hairstyling products, or the most desired beauty and fragrance brands, there is a genuine rush of excitement.

Nearly every new product introduction is tested by me and our network of beauty experts, including bronzers, the best nail polishes, super serums, and cleansers. But with so many new debuts every day, each with revolutionary claims In order to cut through the clutter, I’ve tested the newest product releases to see if they’re actually worth your hard-earned money because splurging out on beauty goods just to receive a dud is so disheartening.

In order to compile the greatest new goods in one handy location,

I’ve committed some time each month to testing, trialing, and tracking every launch that came my way. So, if you’re interested in learning which of the top brand-new beauty products impressed this picky editor this month, you’ve come to the right spot.