My now-husband proposed to me nine years ago, and despite even my own doubts, I still like my engagement ring. My engagement ring has been a constant for someone whose fashion sense has altered considerably in the same amount of time. On paper, this vintage style—which has a cluster of rose-cut diamonds set in an Art Deco setting—wouldn’t go with my mostly minimalist clothing.

It is still undoubtedly my most valued property; elaborate but not flashy, a statement without being excessive, it feels so natural to me that it could be a part of my anatomy. We were 23 when we got engaged and 24 when we got married, so it wasn’t expensive either, and our budget was practically nothing, yet I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This is why I believe it’s crucial to choose an engagement ring that accurately represents your character.

Because you might not be present when your spouse makes the choice, I advise all of my friends to be extremely clear about the type of engagement ring they want (just maybe not on the third date). The market for engagement rings has defied many of its own conventions throughout time and today provides a staggering variety of rings to fit any wearer. Knowing where to begin your search is the only drawback to this, though. There are now more varieties of engagement rings available than ever before, ranging from cuts to carats, colors to clusters. So, I believed It would be wise to consult a reputable group of specialists to learn which engagement ring trends they anticipate for 2023.

The term “trends” may not be accurate because jewelry has a much longer lifespan than clothing or other accessories and there is less of a turnover. Therefore, do not be discouraged if the engagement ring style you adore or already wear on your finger isn’t included here. These are essentially the engagement ring trends that experts have brought forward as discussion starters. And when it comes to making such a significant investment, you can never be too well-informed.