Emmanuel Forbes, a rookie for the Commanders, is eager to face the lions in the upcoming season, but he may want to exercise caution.

The NFC East needs to be terrified. In preparation for another Super Bowl run, the Philadelphia Eagles have been stealthily stockpiling weapons throughout the offseason and during the draft, and their divisional rivals may suffer the most in 2023.

Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and each of their talented teams have what it takes to compete with the Birds, but what about the Washington Commanders? They have virtually no chance.

In between the self-destructive Carson Wentz era and Dan Snyder’s corruption, there’s some good roster pieces on the Commanders, yet they don’t boast nearly as much depth as the Eagles.

Philly’s offense is touted to become even more dangerous after the franchise’s latest acquisition of running back D’Andre Swift, and they already have a savvy passing attack with Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown, and DeVonta Smith.

No defender should want to face that trio. But Commanders rookie corner Emmanuel Forbes is more than happy to meet the challenge head-on, anxiously waiting for his turn to take a slingshot at the Goliaths of the league.