All you oenophiles out there! The weird (frightening) realities of conventional wine are revealed as we discuss why natural wine is the path to a healthier, more conscious, more transparent future. Today’s post has me incredibly pumped! For this exposé on conventional vs. natural wines, I did a lot of research, and I have to admit that some of what I discovered astonished me. I’m a wine girl, you see.

I enjoy a nice glass of anything—red, white, pink, sparkling wine, etc. I adore the stories, artwork, provenance, and conversation that good wine inspires. In college (when I first learned about libations), I didn’t really differentiate between cocktails, but I did start to monitor.

In my mid-20s, when I discovered certain foods actually benefited or hindered my body, I overindulged. Beer is mainly out for me now that I’m mostly gluten-free (apart from the occasional inadvertent restaurant encounter) (not worth the epic headache). Spirit-based cocktails are entertaining, but they aren’t my go-to beverage.

I’m a wine girl, not beer. A straightforward glass of wine is my preference, whether my husband and I want to toast to the end of a long week, my parents are searching for something special to go with our Sunday Family Dinner grass-fed steaks, or I’m spending quality time with pals. I enjoy crisp rosé in the summer, chilled whites in the summer, and rich reds in the winter.