«She ages like wine!» What Zeta-Jones looks like without makeup and filters sparked reaction

Zeta-Jones washed off her makeup and stormed the Internet! 🧐😲The actress showed herself without cosmetics and retouching! 🤭😍See the candid photos in this article! 👇👇👇

As a desirable, successful and world-renowned actress, C. Zeta-Jones is among the show business celebrities who don’t fear of revealing their true selves by proudly showing themselves with no cosmetics on, fancy dresses and retouching.

Her freshly taken candid photo after a long day is still making headlines. To say that she looked much better than we all expected is nothing to say. Now, she was happy to take a bath with roses in a romantic atmosphere.

When asked about how she maintains her ageless appearance, Catherine never ceases to accentuate the importance of regular physical activities and eating right. She considers them the main keys to keeping herself fit and healthy.