King Charles is expected to seek sound advice on his next steps regarding this situation. It appears highly likely that Omid Scobie’s book, “Endgame,” was written in collaboration with Meghan Markle. Scobie has included details in the book that only Prince Harry and the actress would have been privy to. Despite her claims of no involvement, it seems evident that she played a significant role. The late Queen’s assessment of her as “evil” now seems prescient. The book contains excerpts from letters exchanged between King Charles and Meghan Markle, which Scobie couldn’t have obtained from the palace.
It’s suspected that the actress provided these letters through intermediaries. The tone of the book is notably vindictive, nasty, and filled with venom, particularly against Catherine, a royal figure Meghan appears to despise and envy. A recent development has caused a panic, as Scobie originally insisted that he did not name a senior figure within the royal family as the alleged discriminator regarding the color of Harry and Meghan’s unborn son Archie. However, the Dutch-language version of the book seemingly identified this person, leading to its removal from shelves in the Netherlands.

Publishers Xander confirmed receiving a last-minute request from the US to halt sales of “Endgame” and await further instructions. Omid Scobie had initially stated that King Charles was the sole person inquiring about Archie’s color in the book but is now retracting that claim, likely due to legal concerns.

Before publication, Scobie had implied that he wouldn’t reveal the identity of the accused discriminator, citing legal constraints. However, he later mentioned that a second individual within the royal household echoed these remarks. A page from a review copy sent to Dutch journalists appears to contain this person’s identity.

In an interview with Dutch Chat Show RTL, Scobie denied responsibility for the translation error, emphasizing that he wrote and edited the English version. He claimed ignorance of the Dutch version’s content and stated that any translation errors would be addressed by the publishers.

A source has suggested that the leak of the name may have been intentional, aimed at generating buzz and boosting book sales. They argue that there is nothing in the actual book that hasn’t been discussed previously.

This development raises the question of whether legal action should be taken, possibly in the Netherlands, given its stringent laws. Omid Scobie may need to rephrase his claims to avoid liability. The complexity of this situation underscores the need for careful consideration and legal assessment.

Ultimately, the situation highlights the intricacies of royal dynamics, media manipulation, and the potential consequences faced by those involved in such controversies.