Peyton Manning believes that Bryce Young will emerge as another Heisman winner and has similar qualities.

Because of his shorter stature, Alabama star Bryce Young will be compared to Drew Brees and Russell Wilson when he first enters the league, but Peyton Manning sees a player like him far beyond the frame.

Manning compares Young to Cincinnati Bengals starting quarterback Joe Burrow in the first episode of On The Clock, which airs Monday night on ESPN2 and ESPN+. Manning’s comparison is focused entirely on the magic both have in and around the pocket, despite the fact that Burrow is significantly taller than Young. Actually, when Young came out of Alabama, this is the exact comparison I made for him.

“I think [Drew] Brees and Russell Wilson are kind of the easy comparisons because of the size similarities. But when you talk to real scouts — [Joe] Burrow is kind of the guy that comes to mind, right? Because of, sort of, the sixth sense in the pocket, the decision-making, processing information quickly. I’m not saying Bryce [Young] is going to have that same success as Joe right away. But I think the instincts that Joe has that Bryce had, the ability to beat the coverage keeps a lot of plays alive. … Recognition, processing, instincts, you see a little bit of Joe Burrow in Bryce Young.”

This is the trailer for the upcoming series on ESPN featuring four former SEC quarterbacks in Young, Florida’s Anthony Richardson, Kentucky’s Will Levis and Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker.

Once you realize that Young has the potential to be the next Burrow, you cannot think of anyone else. We are talking about at worst a top-four young quarterback talent in the league. Anyone not named Carson Palmer knows Patrick Mahomes is No. 1, but arguments can be made for Burrow, Josh Allen or Justin Herbert at No. 2. I lean Burrow because he plays his best when it is required.