Despite the fact that I was in Grafton, Wisconsin has nearly 4,000 more lakes than Minnesota, according to my study. Only till recently, I was unaware of how WI won the Lake Total competition. the information we discover in our email.

The exchange should no longer be mentioned in II, as horrible as it was. The Vikings gave Walker “5,000 lakes” and more, which is worse. As regrettable as the bears declining to choose Mahomes in the draft. The worst transaction in NFL history has to be when Ditka traded all 12 picks, plus two of the top three picks the next year, to move up seven spots and choose Ricky Williams, a player who only played three seasons with the Saints. Can this insane trade ever be topped?

The same thing was mentioned by Gary from Cross Plains. For the record, there were six picks instead of 12 plus the two future picks. I’m not sure, but I still believe that the Walker trade was worse. In those three years, Williams has at least helped the Saints rush for more than 3,000 yards and recieve 1,000 yards. Less than 3,000 yards have been gained and gained by the Vikings over Walker’s three seasons.

Dallas also acquired a Hall of Famer (Emmitt Smith) and another HOF finalist (Darren Woodson) through the Walker transaction, whereas Washington only acquired one HOFer (Champ Bailey) with the Williams haul. Toss a coin, I suppose. They both practice filthy trades. On a related point, I somewhat erred when I said the other day that be 50 years since the Hadl trade, which is actually next year. Must have been a PTO hangover but kudos to Bill himself at Raleigh for keeping me posted.