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In a new Royal book, Meghan Markle has been warned that she will never be able to compete with Princess Catherine, despite claims that the Princess of Wales is too afraid to do anything other than smile for photo opportunities.

However, Royal commentator Lady Colin Campbell has dismissed many of these claims, particularly the criticism of Princess Catherine.

She stated that Meghan envies Kate, who possesses a fabulous figure and gorgeous legs.

In an interview with GB News, Lady Colin Campbell described Meghan as merely presentable, suggesting that much of her image is an artificial construct.

She further added, “I think it’s tremendous envy from Meghan’s point of view.

Meghan is jealous because she wants to be number one, but she will never achieve that status.

However, I don’t believe Catherine is jealous of Meghan.

Why would she be?

Meghan is an insignificant creature as far as Catherine is concerned.”

Princess Catherine recently graced the cover of People’s special edition titled “Christmas at the Palace,” a comprehensive album featuring the Royal Family.

Spanning 96 pages, the album showcases a collection of vibrant and black-and-white photos, including several vintage ones.

Pages 62 to 65 highlight Meghan, but only three photos of her are included.

Rumor has it that Meghan contacted the People editors, demanding to be featured on the cover.

Meanwhile, there is an abundance of photos of various members of the Royal Family, and Catherine’s Christmas concert receives eight full pages.

Additionally, there is a delightful photo spread titled “Queen of Red and Green,” showcasing Catherine’s Christmas outfits throughout the years.

Omid Scobie, co-author of the book with Meghan Markle, criticizes Catherine extensively, labeling her a Stepford-like royal wife and the monarchy’s last shiny thing for the foreseeable future.

In a scathing chapter dedicated to the future Queen, Scobie claims that Catherine earned the nickname “Katie Keane” and suggests that the late Queen favored her because she was more compliant compared to the strong-willed Princess Diana.

Scobie further asserts that Kate effortlessly flies under the radar due to her lack of public struggles or ambitious aspirations.

He commends her for being comfortable in her role and for bringing a requisite smile and elegance to her duties as a Princess.

On the other hand, he highlights how the institution ignored Meghan when she was in pain, showcasing a dismal record.

William’s recent statement openly claiming that his mother was too paranoid to speak the truth further reinforces the notion that the institution considers women who marry into the family as ultimately disposable.

Scobie also points out that Kate’s workload is lower compared to other senior members of the royal family, making her technically a part-time working royal.

Kate began carrying out official engagements in 2011, the year she married Prince William.

Initially, she started with just 34 engagements after the wedding in April, but in the following year, she made a significant leap to 111 engagements, surpassing her husband’s count of 88.

Although the number of engagements decreased during her maternity leave in 2013, 2015, and 2018, Kate has steadily increased her engagements each year, reaching a total of 138 last year.

Scobie argues that unlike Meghan, Kate is not known for her leadership skills and outgoing nature.

Meghan, in her short time as a working royal, was seen as another shining ornament in the royal family, reminiscent of Princess Diana.

Scobie believes that Harry and Meghan’s presence made the Cambridges appear somewhat dull, as they showcased how to be modern royals.

The swift actions taken by Meghan inspired William and Kate to alter their course, resulting in Kate focusing more on doing rather than learning.

Despite their differences, Scobie suggests that Meghan and Kate could have made their relationship work in the early days if there had been peace between the warring Windsor siblings.