Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have displayed a tendency to speak out of both sides of their mouths, oscillating between portraying themselves as helpless victims of the royal institution and asserting their independence as defiant renegades. This inconsistency makes it increasingly challenging to trust their words. It appears that Meghan is often the mastermind behind these fabrications, influencing Harry’s statements and manipulating him adeptly. She has expertly employed gaslighting techniques, whispering various narratives into his ear, stoking his resentment and paranoia.
Consequently, Harry genuinely believes that his family treated him abhorrently and unfairly. However, the reality suggests the opposite — he was indulged and sheltered excessively due to his difficulties. Even Diana, his late mother, acknowledged his challenging behavior and expressed her struggles in handling him. Frequently, it was easier to succumb to his tantrums than to provide him with necessary discipline.

To address his turbulent behavior, Queen Elizabeth II ensured that Harry gained admission to Sandhurst despite failing his entrance exams. The hope was that the Army could guide him and help him mature into a responsible adult. Unfortunately, this intervention did not yield the desired results. Recent reports indicate that Meghan found life in the royal family tiresome and less glamorous than anticipated. Additionally, Harry’s financial resources were not as substantial as she had hoped, and she felt humiliated playing second fiddle to the Cambridges. Overwhelmed by negative press, homesickness, and a longing for her premarital freedom, Meghan decided to leave the royal family in a noisy and ungracious manner, capitalizing on the situation for financial gain.

Examining old photographs, one cannot help but notice the unsettling way in which Meghan looked at Prince William, making overtly suggestive gestures. It is evident that she had fixated on him, harboring aspirations to be with him. Her relentless pursuit involved systematically nurturing connections with individuals who could eventually facilitate her proximity to the royal family. Her obsession with Catherine’s wedding and even Catherine herself was unsettling, with her overarching goal being to win over William. However, realizing that William would never choose someone like her, she settled for Harry as a substitute, propelling her into the shallow world of Hollywood.

Megan’s narcissism and manipulative nature became apparent as she successfully alienated Harry from his brother, father, and the rest of the family, using the fallacy of victimhood as her weapon. She cunningly convinced Harry that she was the only one who truly loved and understood him, likening herself to his late mother, Princess Diana. Presently, the couple has two children and resides in another country. Harry appears trapped in Megan’s web, unable to escape. There is speculation that Megan may eventually abandon him for someone wealthier, but time may not be on her side, as her age diminishes her prospects. Megan’s aspirations to reclaim her Hollywood fame seem delusional, as her relevance hinges solely on her marriage to Harry.

Regrettably, Megan’s main goal now seems focused on tarnishing the royal family’s reputation by levying accusations of racism and neglect against them. Her aim appears to be the destruction of what she could not control. However, increasing numbers of people see through her schemes, rendering her irrelevant. She actively seeks attention, calling the paparazzi to maintain her presence in the headlines, aware that fading into obscurity is a real risk.

Many suspect that one reason Harry and Megan departed from the royal family was to avoid questions about their alleged invisible children. However, their motivations were likely multifaceted. Megan never intended to stay as a working royal, evident from leaving behind a storage unit filled with personal belongings in Toronto. Her plan all along was to marry Harry, have a lavish wedding, gain increased fame, and subsequently return to Hollywood, awaiting lucrative job offers. Yet, several obstacles hindered the execution of her plan.

In recent years, we have witnessed Harry’s actions and statements that were previously unimaginable. However, one thing that remains lacking is his ability to establish a fulfilling life for himself. Despite claiming to desire a life of peace and quiet, he followed Megan, who is known for her hateful, vindictive, and petulant behavior. While he now experiences the freedom he proclaimed to seek, it seems that this newfound liberation has become claustrophobic.

Moreover, he must now rely on his own efforts to secure financial stability, as the British taxpayers will no longer subsidize his lavish lifestyle. His marriage to Megan, who reportedly spends exorbitant amounts on clothing, poses additional challenges. Maintaining such a lifestyle was never a sustainable prospect.