A 12-week abortion ban was approved by the North Carolina state Senate on Thursday, and the state will almost certainly pass the measure into law.

Why it matters: Republican lawmakers, who control the legislature with a veto-proof supermajority, have said they intend to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s (D) veto of the legislation.

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the bill may end up being one of the nation’s most moderate abortion restrictions.
When a state House Democrat last month switched parties, the GOP in North Carolina gained a supermajority of the legislature.

The big picture: In the first six months after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, North Carolina was among the states that saw the largest increases in the number of abortions provided.

The state had become a destination for people seeking the procedure, particularly as strict abortion bans took effect in most southern states.
Details: North Carolina’s legislation prohibits abortions after the 12th week of pregnancy, with some exceptions.

In cases of rape and incest, the bill allows abortions up to 20 weeks, and 24 weeks in the case of “life-limiting” anomalies for the fetus. There is no restriction when the pregnant person’s life is in danger.
A health provider who violates the law could potentially lose their medical license and face lawsuits.