Investment and reform that are urgently required have been halted by unrest between Kuwait’s parliament and executive branch.

Kuwait has announced a new cabinet amid its prolonged political crisis, the oil-rich nation’s seventh in three years.

The statement was made on Sunday, just three months after the outgoing administration’s resignation in January.

The new administration led by Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf al-Ahmad Al-Sabah was formed, according to a decree of the emir, the government tweeted.

Manaf Abdulaziz al-Hajrey has been appointed Minister of Finance and Economic and Investment Affairs, while Salem Abdullah al-Jaber Al Sabah and Bader al-Mulla continue to hold the vital responsibilities of foreign affairs and oil, respectively.The only two women in the government, Amani Suleiman Buqammaz currently oversees public works and Mai Jazzem al-Baghli is in charge of social affairs.

Ahmad al-Din, a representative of the political bureau of the Kuwait Progressive Movement, told Reuters that regaining the trust of the populace is the government’s largest task.

The departure of previous finance minister Abd al-Wahhab al-Rasheed, who was a source of friction with the 2022 Parliament, “indicates that the current government is betting on the return of the 2022 Parliament,” he continued.

The group also stated in an opinion that Kuwait’s political crisis is still going on as the new government is being formed. The crisis, it is claimed, cannot be resolved unless the state’s “authoritarian, non-democratic approach” is changed and “the political system” is brought under democratic control.