According to a recent study, nearly three out of four Chinese Americans say they have encountered racial discrimination in the past 12 months, and two out of three feel the need to be on the lookout for hate crimes or harassment.

The big picture: Three years after an increase in racial incidents against Asian Americans as a result of false associations made by some with COVID-19, Chinese Americans are still subjected to discrimination on occasion.

Axios will look at Asian Americans’ achievements, challenges, economic well-being, and how Asian American history is being preserved in the United States during Asian American Pacific Island Month in May.

Details: One of the largest surveys of Chinese Americans found that nearly half of them claim to be treated with less respect than other people.

Racism, crime, gun control, and the economy were identified as the top four most important issues facing the U.S. by the survey respondents.

Background: The study was organized by Columbia University and Committee of 100, a nonprofit led by prominent Chinese Americans in business, government, academia, health care and the arts.

The nationwide survey was conducted online in English, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese from October 2022 to December 2022.