Elon Musk has made a lot of absurd comments regarding the Tesla Cybertruck. The all-electric pickup will feature so much technology that, at least for the time being, Musk has said it will be Tesla’s greatest work since its theatrical presentation in late 2019. Musk also mentioned that the Cybertruck would have boat-like characteristics.

The Tesla CEO recently said that the Cybertruck’s turning radius would likely be better than that of the considerably smaller Model Y crossover. The Model Y’s turning radius isn’t necessarily one of its stronger points, according to owner comments, but it’s still absurd to think that a large pickup truck would have a lower turning radius than a crossover SUV.

But, based on yet, the Tesla Cybertruck’s turning radius is extremely astounding, according to a recent video from a Tesla Fremont Factory witness who runs the Met God in Wilderness YouTube channel. The all-electric pickup truck made a lot of spins in the new video from Tesla Observer, and they all appeared to be rather tight. The Cybertruck appears to handle quite well overall, in part because of elements like its rear-wheel steering.

The Cybertruck’s suspension tests, which were carried out close to the Fremont Factory test tracks, were another interesting aspect of the widely circulated movie. Whilst it shouldn’t come as a surprise, it is gratifying to see that Tesla appears to be taking care to make the Cybertruck as pleasant as possible. Later, several all-electric trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T received praise for their ride quality. The Cybertruck must therefore also offer driving comfort.

While it’s quite difficult to make out details of the Cybertruck in the Tesla Observer’s video, it appears that the unit spotted around the Fremont factory was a production beta unit. The vehicle also appears to come with all-season tires and aero wheel covers, which would likely be an option for the all-electric pickup once orders open.