WWE Hall of Famer Booker T thinks that after ending their collegiate basketball careers, Haley and Hanna Cavinder may make a name for themselves in the WWE.

Jeff Hoffman, the agent for the Cavinders, recently disclosed that the two women would begin training at the WWE Performance Center.

Booker told TMZ that the best advise he could provide to siblings was to “learn this craft and stick together because it will be a ride.”

It will be a long voyage. This is a long race. You must be prepared to go the distance.

They are extremely athletic, these young women that are arriving.

“The crop when I was growing up was so much more athletic. I think this company is headed in a really fantastic way.

both twins previously stressed that they are WWE fans and explained the reasons why they love the sport.

“We love the WWE,” Haley told The Today Show.

“The fan base, the sport, the fitness side of it … they’re great, our partner, and we’re very excited in a future with them.”