King Charles has reportedly suffered a heart attack due to the stress of the ongoing feud between his son, Prince Harry, and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. The royal insider claims that the situation has become so tense that it has taken a toll on Charles’s physical health.

“Charles is under a lot of pressure right now,” the source said. “He’s trying to keep the family together, but it’s getting increasingly difficult. The feud between Harry and Camilla is taking a toll on him, and he’s recently suffered a heart attack as a result.”

The source also claims that Harry is “bitter” about his father’s relationship with Camilla. “Harry feels like Camilla has taken his mother’s place,” the source said. “He’s never forgiven her for her role in his parents’ marriage breakdown.”

The tension between Harry and Camilla is said to have reached a boiling point recently, when Harry reportedly confronted Camilla about her treatment of his late mother, Princess Diana. “Harry was furious,” the source said. “He told Camilla that she was never good enough for his father and that she should be ashamed of herself.”

The feud between Harry and Camilla is said to be causing a rift in the royal family. “The family is divided,” the source said. “Some members are siding with Harry, while others are siding with Camilla. It’s a very difficult situation.”

It is unclear how the feud between Harry and Camilla will be resolved. However, it is clear that the situation is causing a great deal of stress for King Charles.