A family from California is appreciative of modern technology when they foresightfully placed an Apple AirTag to their pricey electric bike, which helped them track down the thief and bring them to his doorstep.

Johnny Ehrman uses her $3,000 e-bike every day to get to work and school. When she learned that her dependable bike had been taken while she was at work, she was upset.

According to Ehrman, who lives in Los Angeles, “I drive roughly 12 miles a day.” I sobbed in front of my place of business. In fact, a few of my coworkers said, “What’s going on? Where is your bicycle?

She goes to work and school on an electric bike, to which Johnny Had fastened a little Apple AirTag. (Los Angeles’ FOX 11)

She had her electric bike, worth $3,000, stolen while she was at work. (FOX 11)But before her e-bike was taken, Ehrman had the foresight to buy a $29 AirTag and put the monitoring device to it.

Ehrman called 911 and then called her father, David. The pair took out their iPhone and looked up the stolen e-bike, where they discovered the AirTag was still traveling.

Once it was taken, Johnny’s Apple Airtag was seen by the Ehrmans traveling to an apartment complex in California. (Los Angeles’ FOX 11)

The e-bike was pursued by David until it came to a stop close to the family’s Orange County apartment building. He went to the precise spot where the e-bike was located and engaged the person who was attempting to steal his daughter’s e-bike in a “brief confrontation.The identity of the person who attempted to steal the e-bike was withheld by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The recovery of stolen property should be handled through regional law enforcement organizations, a sheriff’s department official reminded the public.

Although while technology’s convenience is essential to improving our quality of life, the spokesman urged residents to contact law authorities instead of placing themselves in danger if they were victims of a crime.

She secured an Apple AirTag to her e-bike, and Johnny Ehrman is glad that her father was able to locate it. (Los Angeles’ FOX 11)