The Grizzlies have abruptly released Dillon Brooks following a disastrous series against the Lakers. Green made an effort to warn him.

Dillon Brooks has established an impressive track record of enraging superior teams and players and accumulating grudges against almost everyone in his brief time in the NBA. He referred to LeBron as old and said he didn’t respect anyone who hadn’t scored 40 points against him after the Grizzlies defeated the Lakers in Game 2 of their series.

The Grizzlies dropped three of their next four games after that interview. Brooks finished with 36 points and made 13 of 49 (28.0 percent) of his field goal attempts as well as 5 of 27 (22.2 percent) of his three-point attempts. In addition, he received a $25,000 fine for refusing to speak to the media following the last defeat.

Draymond Green told Dillon Brooks the Grizzlies would be better without him.

Before this series, Brooks had spent most of the season antagonizing the Warriors, giving comments about how much he didn’t like them. Draymond Green responded earlier this spring, prophesizing that the Grizzlies would take off once Brooks was gone.

It’s hard to argue with Draymond considering how things worked out, but all of the evidence was there before. Brooks is a solid defender but a disastrous offensive player and his inefficiency and willingness to shoot was a major problem for the Grizzlies.