Kim Kardashian is successful in everything she does, which is why she entered the competitive world of fashion a few years ago and is currently promoting her underwear company, Skims.

Even Rosalia herself has worn this brand, yet one of its goods has generated controversy as a result of a customer complaint.

The Skims brand introduced adhesive strips designed to improve the breast’s shape. A woman, however, complained negatively about this product and even ended up needing medical attention.

Noelle Smith, the woman in question, claims that she purchased these strips, but that when she removed them, they damaged her skin, a problem she resolved by visiting her health center.

Smith filed a lawsuit against Kardashian to recover damages, including “expenses incurred for medical care,” as a result of the harm she caused.

The shopper told The Blast that “responsible and sensible corporations should build sticky strips that don’t rip off their consumers’ skin.”

The customer added that the “sloppy” design and low-quality materials utilized resulted in a “hazardous and unsafe” product for her to use.

Kim Kardashian and her team’s response

The businesswoman’s reaction was prompt and came from her agent.

According to TMZ, Kardashian’s representatives said: “After thoroughly investigating this issue, we have found that the consumer acquired a phony strip from Amazon, a firm that is not a recognized distributor of Skims products.”