Breaking! Oprah Winfrey Didn’t Invite Meghan to Her 70th Birthday Celebration: Sussex Rejected

Oprah Winfrey celebrated her 70th birthday on January 29th, 2024, with a glamorous party attended by Hollywood celebrities.

The event, hosted by beauty brand CEO Anastasia SAR, was a tribute to 25 women who have inspired her journey, including Oprah Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Varasa, and Priyanka Chopra.

The guests enjoyed a delicious dinner, stunning cake, and a toast by Sharon Stone.

Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was not invited to the party, despite their close relationship. Oprah defended Megan and her husband Prince Harry following an explosive interview in March 2021.

However, sources claim that Oprah and Megan have drifted apart in recent months, with Megan becoming more isolated and paranoid.

Oprah has been accused of being ungrateful and disrespectful to Megan, who has given her a platform and voice in the media.

The rift between Oprah and Megan has sparked speculation and controversy among fans and critics. Some argue that Oprah was right to cut off Megan, while others defend her as a victim of a smear campaign by Oprah.

The debate has also reignited the discussion about Megan and Harry’s role in the royal family and their impact on the monarchy and the public.

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