The Ken Francis memes erupted when NFL teams learned that a man by the name of Ken Francis was attempting to bargain for Lamar Jackson.

Ken Francis had something to say about it, or something to say to NFL teams, just as you were beginning to think that the Lamar Jackson drama and this NFL offseason couldn’t possibly get any stranger.

The league sent a memo to teams on Thursday warning franchises that a man named Ken Francis was contacting teams trying to negotiate on behalf of Jackson. Francis is not a certified free agent as defined by the CBA reached by the NFLPA and NFL owners; as a result, any conversations or contracts would be nullified in addition to financial penalties.

Francis, meanwhile, is apparently a Florida Man (in the least surprising turn of events known to man) and fitness equipment entrepreneur who claims he’s not been contacting NFL teams and is just business partners with the former NFL MVP, per ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

NFL memo said teams are prohibited from negotiating offer sheets or potential trades with individuals not certified by the NFLPA. Any team that does can be fined $54,409, which is the fine amount for 2023.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 23, 2023

But perhaps the best meme came from Jackson himself, who denied that Francis had been negotiating for the quarterback, then unleashed this beauty to express his own exhaustion with the saga.