Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny have been dubbed as one of the romances of 2023, and they haven’t done much to dispel rumors of their relationship.

The couple’s most recent display of public devotion occurred over the weekend when they were spotted together enjoying a romantic break in Los Angeles.

On Sunday, photos from their trip showed the 29-year-old musician and the 27-year-old model riding horses together.

Only a few days prior, they were captured in one of the city’s upscale nightclubs in an amorous embrace.

The renowned couple has been rumored to be dating since February, however neither has formally admitted it in public declarations. Everyone who has ridden a horse knows it’s not the most pleasant activity, especially if you’re doing it with a stranger.

There is a sense that they are each going through a difficult time in the other’s life because they appeared to be so comfortable riding together on the same horse.

Devin Booker, the point guard for the Phoenix Suns, and Jenner previously had a long-term romance. But, after an attempt at reconciliation, the relationship now seems to be utterly over.

In one of his most recent songs, Bad Bunny made a reference to this and seemed to cast shade at one of the best NBA creators.

There was a verse that was spoken in perfect Spanish.