King Charles was seen departing his London residence, Clarence House, this morning as he returned to the capital for further cancer treatment.

The 75-year-old monarch greeted onlookers with a wave from the back seat of his Bentley.

These images emerged shortly before a High Court judge rejected Prince Harry’s appeal against the Home Office regarding alterations to his personal security arrangements during visits to the UK.

Prince Harry had taken legal action following a decision made in February 2020 by the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures, which informed him that his publicly funded security level would be reduced due to his transition away from full-time royal duties.

His legal team argued that this change singled him out unfairly and failed to adequately consider the potential risks he faced.

However, retired High Court judge Sir Peter Lane ruled on Wednesday that the decision-making process by Operation Ravik was rational and fair, dismissing Prince Harry’s claims of procedural unfairness.

In a detailed 52-page judgment, Sir Peter emphasized that the approach taken in the Duke’s case was legally sound and justified.

This verdict could present a dilemma for King Charles, as Prince Harry has previously expressed concerns about the safety of bringing his family to the UK under the current security arrangements.

Meanwhile, King Charles continues to undergo treatment for cancer following his recent diagnosis, which has necessitated his absence from certain royal engagements.

Despite his health challenges, King Charles has maintained a public presence, fulfilling his duties as the monarch while prioritizing his medical care.

His recent appearance leaving Clarence House underscores his commitment to balancing his personal health needs with his responsibilities as the head of the British Royal Family.

As the situation unfolds, the royal family faces ongoing scrutiny and challenges, with the issue of security arrangements for Prince Harry highlighting broader tensions and complexities within the institution.

The juxtaposition of personal health concerns and public duties underscores the delicate balance that members of the royal family must navigate in fulfilling their roles.

While King Charles remains focused on his treatment and recovery, the broader implications of the security battle involving Prince Harry continue to reverberate within royal circles and beyond.