A woman woke up six days after undergoing an emergency C-section and was in complete horror after discovering that she no longer had legs. The decision devastated the mother of eight, who was left to figure out how to raise her children while being bound to a wheelchair. The birth of a child can raise a lot of questions for moms-to-be, from how the little one would cope to how smooth or rough the birthing experience would be.

For C-section moms, there’s an added worry of undergoing major surgery. These are normal reactions to such a life-changing moment, and most moms come out of the experience filled with joy at the side of their newborn.

But for one woman, the birth of her child resulted in a life-shattering development back in 2016. Ella Clark was completely relaxed when she traveled to the hospital at 36 weeks for an emergency C-section. As a mother of seven, she already knew what to expect and how the whole process would play out. Ella delivered her first child at 18, and it was an unpleasant birthing experience which prompted her to opt for C-sections in her succeeding pregnancies. After birthing seven children, she already considered herself a pro. Read the full story here ▶