Allegations of disrespect and a long-standing family feud resurface, with insiders revealing a potential cold war between Prince Harry and Queen Camilla.

Prince Harry and Queen Camilla had a tense exchange when, during his recent visit to the UK to see his cancer-stricken father, King Charles III, after the queen asked the exiled prince to leave. Was this why the Duke of Sussex left the UK earlier than expected?

On January 6, Prince Harry traveled 5,500 miles from his LA mansion to his father’s residence at Clarence House to see him, 75, who was recently diagnosed with cancer following a treatment for an enlarged prostate. But his visit turned sour when the Queen reportedly told Harry to go away after only half an hour and allegedly said he should ‘never return’, as per RadarOnline.

Her Majesty was furious Harry flew in from his ritzy California home without getting palace approval – and came with an attitude,” a well-informed insider told the National Enquirer.

The insider claimed that the Duke of Sussex kept His Majesty waiting for ‘hours’ and insisted that Camilla leave the room while they talked. This upset his stepmother (who married Charles in 2005).

“I’m told Camilla was outraged,” the insider went on. “She’s taken a lot of bile from Harry for years and couldn’t wait to let him have it.”

“Camilla has taken it all on the chin, but using her husband’s cancer as a ‘loving son’ PR stunt was the last straw. After the father-son reunion, I hear she told Harry he’s a disgrace to his father, the family and the monarchy – and she left no doubt he isn’t wanted back!”