The separation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appears to be imminent, with experts suggesting that it is only a matter of time.

However, King Charles has already devised a plan to keep Meghan away from their children.

According to reports, the 74-year-old monarch intends to prevent Meghan from having access to Harry’s children, as she allegedly demands an exorbitant $80 million for child support.

Before implementing this plan, the palace needs to verify the true identity of these children.

As the separation of Meghan and Harry looms, and if indeed the children exist, King Charles has a strategy in place to separate Meghan from her grandchildren.

Lady C, in a recent video, shared intriguing news about Harry’s divorce proceedings, mentioning that the King has been consulting with Parliament regarding the custody of the children in case of a divorce.

She further revealed that the relationship between Meghan and Harry is deteriorating rapidly and that a collapse is inevitable.

Lady C refrained from divulging more information about Meghan’s treatment of people, including her own family.

Additionally, there were other challenges that impacted the marriage.

One such difficulty arose when Meghan’s ambitions clashed with the release of Harry’s book, coinciding with the coronation.

Lady C reported on information from friends of friends, stating that the filming at Queen Mary’s house, showcased on Netflix, was done without the consent of Princess Eugene, who is responsible for the property.

Princess Eugene was deeply embarrassed by Harry and Meghan’s decision to release this footage.

Consequently, she and her husband, Jack, distanced themselves from Harry and Meghan for a period of time.

Their trust in the couple was shattered, and they refused to aid Harry in his troubled marriage, despite being contacted by him two months ago.

The fact that the King is seeking input from Parliament speaks volumes about the seriousness of the situation.

State matters and political considerations are involved, particularly since it would not be favorable for the King to be seen as separating two children from their mother, especially when she is of American origin.

The royal family is determined to handle this situation with utmost dignity.

While Harry desires to return to his family, Meghan seems to be orchestrating a different narrative.

The recent PR video released by the Sussexes has been met with skepticism.

Lady Victoria Hervey commented that it appears to be a publicity stunt aimed at improving their tarnished image.

She suspects that the video was filmed some time ago and was only released now to create the illusion that they are still together.

It seems that their brand is crumbling, and their only remaining asset is the facade of a loving marriage, which many already suspect to be a sham.

Financial issues are expected to be the primary concern for the couple.

Harry, like many expats living abroad, may experience homesickness.

The burden of debt, a need to lower their standard of living, and the necessity to find high-paying jobs for which neither of them is qualified, are factors that could potentially tear them apart.

In the aftermath of the divorce, Meghan’s best hope may be to establish herself as a social media influencer, while Harry retreats to live with the royal family in silence, away from the prying cameras.