Dealing with fake children and Meghan’s alleged scheme to fuel divorce rumors – Is there a potential divorce on the horizon? Could the woman who once famously declared her intent to ‘break the internet’ be stoking the flames of these rumors? Let’s not forget that this is the same woman who, not too long ago, pleaded for privacy and an end to media attention.
Today, a royal source is making claims that Meghan Markle strategically utilizes the media to her advantage. Recently, she faced accusations of sparking divorce rumors as a means to communicate her unhappiness in the marriage.

By removing her engagement ring, a move she knew would attract media attention and trigger divorce speculations, Meghan cleverly manipulated the situation to garner more attention. It appears that she believes she has complete control, a common trait of narcissists, and she seeks to exercise it not only over the media but also over Prince Harry himself.

Harry, who has reportedly been eager to salvage their marriage, has been met with a cold response from Meghan. In the background, Meghan is laying the groundwork for a potential comeback in Hollywood, meeting with influential Hollywood executives. She claims to have turned down offers in an attempt to embrace royal life. While Meghan is hoping for a successful return, major film directors remain skeptical, given her history.

However, recent reports suggest that Harry has already consulted divorce lawyers in June 2023, indicating a growing rift in their relationship. Meghan may be eyeing a substantial divorce settlement, and the source warns that she might even threaten to release a tell-all memoir if her financial demands are not met.

One pressing issue after a divorce would be the two children, whose existence has raised questions. The British media appears reluctant to challenge the validity of Meghan’s pregnancies or the existence of these children.

While some may find these claims intriguing, it’s essential to approach them with a degree of skepticism. Meghan’s future endeavors remain uncertain, and it remains to be seen how the royal family will handle this delicate situation.