Meghan and Harry have found themselves entangled in a challenging situation, with 2,000 signatures from German taxpayers urging them to withdraw from future participation in the Invictus Games. Meghan Markle faces allegations of attempting to overshadow Prince Harry during the event, with reported sightings of her enjoying sporting events surrounded by adoring fans.
Andrew Pierce, speaking on GP News, accused her of sidelining Harry and taking the microphone to deliver her speech, which some interpreted as an attempt to upstage him.

Lady C recently revealed in a video that German taxpayers are highly dissatisfied with funding Harry and Meghan’s demands, resulting in the collection of 2,000 signatures in protest. This has raised concerns that Germany might not receive due credit for its contribution to the event. Reports from Germany suggest that Harry may have lost some of his appeal, as his Invictus speech drew silence from the crowd when he mentioned Meghan’s Nigerian heritage.

Interestingly, Harry and Meghan have maintained a minimal presence in the German media, including the usually gossip-hungry press, which has been surprisingly reticent about the couple. This stands in stark contrast to the extensive coverage of King Charles’s state visit to Germany. A Google image search for the Invictus Games predominantly features either Harry or Meghan, with their joint photos taking precedence over other media outlets.

This prominence has fueled concerns that the focus is shifting away from the veterans and the sporting aspect of the Invictus Games and instead landing on the couple themselves. Their constant interactions with cameras and each other appear orchestrated, and they may not fully realize how negatively it’s being perceived.

The essence of the Invictus Games should revolve around the veterans and sportsmanship, rather than the attention garnered by Harry and Meghan. However, their actions have stirred resentment among those who view them as self-centered and driven by greed.

This situation could spell trouble for any future money-making ventures they pursue, as they risk further scrutiny and criticism from an unsatisfied public. Businesses associated with them may also face similar consequences, as evident from previous incidents. The couple’s current self-promotion may backfire, leading to an influx of complaints on their social media accounts.

Meanwhile, royal experts have begun to dissect Meghan Markle’s popularity, which is reportedly matched only by lukewarm public interest. Royal commentator Daniella Elser, in her piece for, highlighted the challenges facing Meghan and Harry in reshaping their image as they enter a new phase of their careers. The need for a professional separation of sorts seems imminent as they attempt to navigate the complexities of their evolving public perception.