Trevor Engelson, the ex-husband of Meghan Markle, is set to release a memoir in which he is expected to disclose dark and brutal truths about the Duchess of Sussex.

Engelson and Markle were married in 2011 and divorced in 2013. In the years since their split, Markle has become a global superstar, marrying Prince Harry and giving birth to two children.

However, Engelson’s memoir is likely to paint a different picture of Markle. According to a source close to Engelson, the book will reveal that Markle was “controlling and demanding” during their marriage.

The source also said that Markle would often “yell in anger” and that she was “not a good listener.”

Engelson is also expected to discuss the reasons for their divorce, which have never been made public. The source said that Markle was “not happy” with Engelson’s career as a film producer and that she wanted him to give up his job and move to Los Angeles with her.

Engelson is said to be writing the book in order to “set the record straight” about his relationship with Markle. He is also said to be hoping to make money from the book.

The release of Engelson’s memoir is likely to cause a stir in the royal family. Markle is a popular figure among royal fans, and many people will be upset to read about her negative side.

It remains to be seen how Markle will react to Engelson’s book. She has not commented on the book so far, but she is likely to be furious with Engelson for revealing private details about their relationship.

The release of Engelson’s memoir is a reminder of the challenges that royal families face. Royals are constantly under scrutiny, and their private lives are often exposed to the public. This can be difficult for royals, who often want to keep their personal lives private.