Meghan Markle finds herself in a challenging situation as the Archewell foundation’s activities have come under scrutiny. The focus centers on allegations of mismanagement of Invictus funds and the unexpected involvement of World Central Kitchen in this controversy.

A source on a certain platform, going by the name David, raised concerns and disclosed their efforts to delve into Archewell’s financials and impact report. Their motive was driven by the recollection of World Central Kitchen being one of the beneficiaries of Archewell’s generosity. To their surprise, it was revealed that World Central Kitchen had received the most substantial grant of $300,000 from Archewell’s total grants amounting to $3 million in 2021. However, this sum represented less than 25% of the $13 million in funds that Archewell had received in donations during that period.

The source questioned the connection between Meghan’s lemon cake and Chef André’s cookbook, suggesting a potential avenue for Meghan’s influence. Further investigation into Archewell’s tax returns and the impact report led to a startling revelation – the absence of any mention of the Invictus Games, an event ostensibly founded by Prince Harry. The impact report, which spanned from 2020 to 2022, failed to acknowledge Invictus Games as a beneficiary of Archewell’s support.

This omission raised concerns about the true extent of Archewell’s commitment to supporting disabled and injured veterans, especially in light of the widespread attention garnered by Harry and Meghan’s public appearances. The source contended that while the couple’s videos were widely shared on social media, there was a notable absence of Meghan in Invictus Games videos, not even a speech addressing her role as a multitasking mother.

Responding to David’s inquiries, another source suggested that Archewell receives the funds earmarked for Invictus, leaving Prince Harry with the discretion to decide how much, if any, is passed on to the Invictus Games. BetterUp, listed as a sponsor, was found to provide free access for staff and veterans, but no financial contributions were reported. It was also noted that Archewell might serve as a tax shelter for the couple’s U.S. taxes.

The discussion also touched on World Central Kitchen, praised as a remarkable and reliable charity known for its rapid response to global crises, including natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies. The charity’s leader, renowned chef José Andrés, was mentioned as someone Meghan might have sought to impress or gain favor with.

However, critics emphasized that dragging World Central Kitchen into the controversy could do the organization a disservice, as José Andrés’s charity work was genuinely commendable. The organization was recognized for providing culturally appropriate, warm meals free of charge to disaster survivors, staying until all needs were met.

The situation raised questions about the transparency and priorities of Archewell and the involvement of Meghan Markle in various charitable initiatives, especially in relation to Invictus Games and World Central Kitchen.