Meghan Markle’s VIP Title Snub Causes Uproar at BMO Stadium, While Prince Harry Enjoys LA Soccer Game. In a recent turn of events, Prince Harry was spotted solo at BMO Stadium, raising eyebrows after Meghan Markle left the venue in apparent anger.
The buzz began when Victoria Beckham omitted Meghan’s title in the VIP list, listing her simply as “Megan Marle” without her Duchess title, while Prince Harry retained his “Prince” status. This incident seems to underscore the ongoing debate about Meghan’s standing within the royal family.

Prince Harry, in contrast to his previous appearance alongside Meghan at Beyoncé’s concert, displayed a notably cheerful demeanor. He was seen enthusiastically supporting his local team from the stands as soccer legend Lionel Messi led Inter Miami to victory over the Los Angeles Football Club on a Sunday night. This marked a stark contrast to his previous appearance, where he appeared disinterested while attending Beyoncé’s concert with Meghan.

While Meghan was initially slated to attend the star-studded event, it appeared that she did not make an appearance. The pre-match list of notable attendees included the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, although unlike others, they were not designated by their respective occupations; they were simply referred to as “Prince Harry” and “Megan Marle.”

Prince Harry joined a roster of celebrities, including LAFC co-owner Will Ferrell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Owen Wilson, Selena Gomez, and Jason Sudeikis. David Beckham, who co-owns the team, was also present to witness his team’s continued success in Major League Soccer (MLS) since Messi joined. Inter Miami won the match 3-1, with goals from Fando Faras, Jordi Alba, and Leonardo Campana, while Messi, the highest-paid player at $54 million per year, contributed with two assists.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have faced challenges in defining their roles in public life post-royalty. The VIP guest list for the high-profile football match in Los Angeles on Sunday further emphasizes the ambiguity surrounding their positions. Unlike the other attendees, who were clearly identified by their professions, Harry and Meghan were the only ones left without any description.

Even Hollywood icons like Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Ferrell, as well as sports legends like Magic Johnson and LeBron James, were identified as actors or athletes. The guest list also included musicians such as Liam Gallagher, Nas, and Rage Against the Machine, all properly identified by their occupations. In contrast, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were listed with a blank space next to their names.

Although Meghan was absent, Prince Harry made the most of his time at the celebrity-packed LAFC game against David Beckham’s Inter Miami, watching the players, including the new star Lionel Messi, from the director’s box. This newfound enthusiasm for soccer suggests a potential shift in his interests since leaving the UK, where he had been known to prefer rugby over football.

Notably, Prince Harry is set to make a rare return to the UK to attend the annual WellChild Awards in London as the charity’s patron. However, there are no plans for him to meet with his father or brother, Prince William, who will be engaged in official duties. This visit coincides with the first anniversary of their grandmother’s passing, marking a significant moment for the royal family.