Prince Harry was booed by a small number of veterans at the Invictus Games in Düsseldorf, Germany on September 9, 2023. However, it is important to note that the vast majority of the crowd cheered for him and welcomed him to the event.

The booing took place when Harry arrived at the town hall in Düsseldorf for a ceremony. A small group of veterans shouted “Get lost!” and “Go away!” at him. However, the crowd drowned them out with cheers and applause.

Harry did not react to the booing and continued with the ceremony. He later gave a speech in which he thanked the veterans for their service and said that he was “proud” to be there.

The booing is likely due to the fact that Harry and Meghan Markle have been critical of the British royal family in recent years. They have also spoken out about the negative aspects of royal life, such as the lack of privacy and the pressure to conform.

Some veterans may feel that Harry has betrayed them by leaving the royal family. They may also feel that he is not being truthful about his reasons for leaving.

It is important to note that the booing is not representative of the views of all veterans. The vast majority of veterans support Harry and Meghan, and they are grateful for their work with the Invictus Games.

The Invictus Games are a sporting event for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women. They were founded by Harry in 2014, and they have become a global event that celebrates the resilience and determination of these individuals.

Harry is a passionate advocate for the Invictus Games, and he has spoken about how the games have helped him to heal from his own experiences of war. He is also a patron of several other charities that support veterans.

The booing of Harry at the Invictus Games is a reminder of the challenges that he and Meghan face as they continue to forge their own path outside of the royal family. However, it is also a testament to the support that they have from the vast majority of veterans and the public.