Meghan Markle’s Netflix documentary series has caused a significant backlash, resulting in the loss of support from her natural allies in the United States.

The six-part series, featuring Meghan and Prince Harry, focuses on their alleged mistreatment by the British press and their decision to leave the UK for a new life in America.

However, this move has not been well-received, with many Americans showing little interest in Meghan’s grievances against the British monarchy.

According to Royal Family Analysts, Harry may face severe reactions in the U.S. due to the negative response to the documentary series.

The magnitude of Meghan’s narcissism and attitude has turned off some of her natural supporters on the American left.

Niall Gardner, a supporter of the Royal Family and a foreign policy specialist in Washington, commented that even woke liberal elites have not come to Meghan’s defense, highlighting the extent of her conceit and haughtiness.

Furthermore, Meghan and Harry’s accusations against the Royal Family have strained their relationship with Buckingham Palace and the British people.

The couple’s plan to cut all ties with the Royal Family has backfired, as they have lost any lingering goodwill among the British people.

Mr. Gardiner emphasized that Meghan’s criticism of the monarchy is deeply unpopular in America, where there is a strong affinity for the Royal Family.

In addition, Harry’s revelation in the documentary series that Kensington Palace lied to protect Prince William has further damaged their reputation.

Meghan’s self-centeredness and desire to be the star of the show clashed with the Royal Family’s focus on working as a team to support the king and country.

Their rushed relationship, engagement, and marriage only highlighted Meghan’s ambition and desire for fame, money, and jewels.

Despite distancing themselves from the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan have failed to establish themselves as productive members of society.

Their attempts to gain sympathy and support through trashing their families and buying awards have been met with skepticism.

Meghan’s credibility as a serious journalist has been tarnished by the lies in her interview, and it is uncertain if Netflix will continue working with them in the future.

The documentary series itself has faced criticism for its misleading portrayal of private moments and surprise revelations.

The timing and authenticity of the images have been questioned, with accusations of photoshopping and misrepresentation.

The couple’s attempts to associate themselves with great leaders, such as Nelson Mandela, have been seen as self-promotion rather than genuine contributions.

As their lies become more apparent, Harry and Meghan are losing support and interest from both the British people and their American allies.

The financial support they have enjoyed may soon be cut off, and their friendships in America may fade away once they are no longer beneficial.

The couple’s ingratitude and lack of substance are becoming increasingly evident, leaving many bored with their antics.

In conclusion, Meghan Markle’s documentary series has not achieved the success she had hoped for.

Instead, it has alienated support in the United States and damaged her reputation in both countries.

The couple’s attempts to distance themselves from the Royal Family have backfired, leaving them with little to offer as productive members of society.

The truth behind their lies is being exposed, and the consequences are becoming clear.