Those who decide to join the military are aware that they will have to spend a lot of time away from their homes and loved ones, but warriors are eager to make this sacrifice. Although it will be more challenging, this does not stop them from starting a family. Although Brooks Lindsey is well aware of the fact that he was unable to be there when his first daughter was born, he nevertheless supported his wife by using a video call while he sought to board an aircraft to get to her. The airport workers delayed a flight so that Brooks could watch the birth of his daughter online using his mobile phone, which is the most unusual part about the waiting and airline delays.

A father would go to great lengths to assist his wife or partner during this difficult time and be present for the birth of their kid. While stationed in Texas and preparing for a nine-month deployment to Kuwait, Brooks Lindsey was aware that his chances of returning home in time for the birth of his first child were slim. Brooks was caught off surprise when his wife Haley had to deliver their child two weeks early because of problems.

Brooks was given permission to leave his base in Texas and fly to the hospital where his wife was about to give birth at Haley’s request. Brooks had to wait until the following morning to quit his position, and he was scheduled to board when Haley was giving birth.

When it became apparent that Brooks wouldn’t make it, his mother, who was in the delivery room, made a video call so that he could at least watch the important event remotely on his smartphone. The woman made an effort to be covert despite being prohibited from filming in the delivery room. Although Brooks was waiting in Dallas to board his next flight, it was already obvious that he wouldn’t be able to reach the hospital in time due to the delay. The time between the two trips allowed him to check on his wife and, at last, virtually attend the delivery, so it was not the end of the world. In actuality, the boarding moment was crucial: “Don’t let him get on the plane! There she is! There she is! “the doctor said from the delivery room. At this point, the entire airport stood in support of the expectant father, and the flight crew postponed takeoff so he could watch the livestream on his phone until his daughter was born.

“Until I witnessed the birth of my child, the flight delay had me in a terrible mood. I would have missed everything if I had been on the plane “explained Brooks. “It was wonderful when I met my kid,” he continued. “She’s my first daughter and she just made my heart light up with love. She is perfect.”

A few hours later, Brooks arrived at the hospital holding Millie, his young daughter, in his arms. After three months, the man was able to meet his wife once more. He then spent four days on leave with his new family before returning to his military responsibilities.