During Prince Harry’s upcoming visit to the UK, it appears that his relationship with the royal family has become so strained that he has been warned not to expect any mercy from them. As a result, the Duke of Sussex will reportedly have to rely on the hospitality of his friends, as he is expected to sleep on their couches.

According to Sarah Hewson, a royal editor for Talk TV, Prince Harry’s return to the UK has been accompanied by talks of potential reconciliation with his brother, Prince William, and his father, King Charles. However, Hewson believes that his family will not extend the gesture of providing him with accommodation, leaving him in a rather precarious situation.

It is worth noting that Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, were previously instructed by King Charles to vacate their residence at Frogmore Cottage, leaving them without a home in the UK. As a result, Hewson suggests that due to the frosty nature of his relationship with the royal family, Prince Harry may find himself resorting to couch-surfing or even having to book hotels during his stay.

Hewson expressed skepticism about the possibility of a meeting between Prince Harry and Prince William happening upon his arrival. She emphasized that the Duke of Sussex is essentially “homeless” now, having returned the keys to Frogmore Cottage, and may have to seek accommodation by requesting access to an apartment through Buckingham Palace or by arranging for hotel accommodation, unless he chooses to rely on the generosity of his friends and sleep on their sofas.

This situation serves as a stark reminder of the considerable divide that exists between Prince Harry and his family, highlighting the extent to which their relationship has deteriorated.