According to information from five households residing in Montecito, the neighborhood near the Sussexes’ mansion, there have been observations regarding Meghan Markle’s peculiar outdoor behavior. Despite their lavish mansion boasting 16 bathrooms, people have been puzzled as to why Meghan opted to use an outdoor toilet.
Witnesses claim to have caught Meghan engaging in such actions, which they found to be unsavory and unbecoming. Some have described her actions as resembling those of a cat in an alley. This isn’t the first time Meghan’s outdoor habits have attracted criticism. Mexican gardeners employed by the royal family have also expressed disapproval of her behavior.

One gardener voiced concern about the impact on the garden, citing the acidic and spicy pH value of the waste, which can damage the grass and plants. Such incidents can disrupt their work, affecting their livelihood.

Meghan’s unconventional habits have continued even in the United States, where she now resides with Prince Harry. According to Harry’s advisors, he has grown increasingly frustrated with Meghan’s tendency to relieve herself in the expansive gardens of their Santa Barbara mansion. This peculiar behavior seems to persist from earlier in their relationship, with Harry recalling an incident during an African safari where Meghan chose to use the outdoors as her restroom.

While Meghan’s actions may save water, some have criticized them as contributing little to reducing the carbon footprint, likening it to “as useful as a fart in a hurricane.”

In another development, Gwen Lurie, the CEO and executive editor of the Montecito Journal Media Group, shared her perspective on the community. She and her husband, successful writers and producers in Hollywood, have found Montecito appealing precisely because it attracts individuals who are less socially aspirational than those in Los Angeles or New York City. The allure of Montecito lies in its unassuming atmosphere, where even celebrities might be seen in flip-flops at a local restaurant without drawing much attention.

Lurie expressed concerns about the portrayal of Montecito in the media, particularly through a celebrity-centric lens. She argued that the Paparazzi were not a constant presence, and some celebrities inadvertently ended up in staged photos.

In a possibly telling sign, five households around the Sussexes’ residence reportedly sold their homes and moved away, suggesting that Meghan and Harry may not be widely popular in the area.

Furthermore, a plot of land with planning permission for a new mansion has been put up for sale in Montecito, in close proximity to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s home. The plot is only a short distance away from their residence and is being sold for $4 million. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex purchased their home, known as The Chateau of Riven Rock, for £11 million in June 2020. It’s situated in the Riven Rock District of Montecito.

This sale was reported by Richard Mineards, the former Fleet Street Royal correspondent who now serves as a gossip columnist for the Montecito Journal. The plot measures 1.52 acres and is located in Upper Montecito. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the Sussexes’ estate, separated by only a few neighboring properties.