Numerous articles from Montecito have recently sparked intrigue by exaggerating the similarities between Lilibet and the late Princess Diana. Harry, at one point, even described his youngest child as having Spencer Lake traits, which, coincidentally, was his mother’s maiden name, according to reports from The Mirror.
The two-year-old Lilibet has been compared to her late grandmother, who tragically passed away in 1997, while her older brother Archie supposedly takes after his mother’s side of the family, as per The Daily Record. Like her father and grandparents, Lilibet possesses striking blue eyes, particularly reminiscent of her grandfather King Charles. However, it’s Diana that Lilibet is said to most closely resemble.

Prince Harry and Meghan discussed their daughter in the final episode of the Netflix series in 2022. Harry remarked, “I think at the moment I see a lot of my wife in Prince Archie and I see a lot of my mum in Lilibet; she’s very Spencer-like, she’s got the same blue eyes.” Meghan agreed, noting, “Blue, blue eyes.” Harry also added, “Sort of like a golden reddish hair.”

The question remains: does Lilibet truly resemble Diana? Clear imagery proving this resemblance is yet to surface, leaving room for speculation. While it’s less likely due to the prevalence of African genes from Meghan’s side, some remain intrigued by Megan’s mischievous nature and her knack for surprises. Could there have been a plan in advance?

Furthermore, some have speculated whether Ashley is the biological mother of Lilibet, primarily due to Lilibet’s striking likeness to Ashley. A user on Cora named even ventured, “I’m speculating on Ashley as Lilibet’s biological egg donor, and maybe Archie. Ashley is a perfect fit as a surrogate as she has a blonde complexion, blue eyes, an aquiline nose, and a pointier chin that may have been passed on from Thomas’s first wife.” While DNA tests would likely not match Ashley’s DNA to Megan’s as the birth mother, they could still reveal a biological connection.

Another point of intrigue is Ashley’s absence from the royal wedding guest list. Some speculate that she may have been discreetly tucked away, just as Meghan was “Moon bumped” (presumably a reference to her pregnancy) during the final episode of the docu-series.

In this episode, Meghan opened up about reconnecting with a relative at the end of 2021. Never-before-seen footage showed Megan’s niece, Ashley Hill, arriving at the Harkles’ Montecito mansion and spending quality time with their two young children, Archie and Lilibet. Meghan recounted, “I texted her, and she was immediately just happy to be reconnected.”

The documentary also featured a clip of Ashley helping Archie make courgette muffins in the couple’s kitchen. Ashley expressed her feelings, saying, “I missed so much of Archie’s life, but I don’t necessarily feel like it. I feel like we immediately had this bond to experience them growing up and to feel like I’m in their life for that has been really good.”

The documentary further showcased a photo of Ashley watching over Lilibet next to the couple’s Christmas tree, followed by a video of Meghan and her niece picking tomatoes with the two children.

Intriguing and curious, these speculations continue to fuel discussions about the true nature of Lilibet’s heritage and the connections within the royal family.